OSS - Online Service Schmidt would like to introduce to you his CD-ROMs.

Here you can find the SYNTEC CD-ROMs for the professional sampling keyboards from AKAI, E-mu, Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha and Ensoniq & GigaSampler.

Ensoniq WOS1 Ensoniq WOS2 EMU WOS3 EMU WOS4

Syntec produced its first digital sample CDROM for Ensoniq - Wall of Sounds Vol.1 in 1994. Wall of Sounds Vol.1 included alle the thirty 3,5"-sound dics for Ensoniq EPS 16+ including the VFX construnction set, previously released by Syntec, with the sounds of the Ensoniq VFX, which lets you create and programm the VFX sounds with the Ensoniq EPS-16+ and ASR-10/-88.

These sounds were sampled at the beginning on the Ensoniq EPS16+, its RAM memory 1MB to max. 2MB was expandable and later with the Ensoniq ASR-10, 
its RAM memory was expandable from 2MB to max. 16MB. Later, productions with EMU sample pro Kurt Ader followed theWall of Sounds Vol.3 for EMU ESI-32 und EMI IV. The Syntec Super Strings Library by Kurt Ader was also offered by EMU Systems worldwide. The Syntec EMU bestseller "Wall of Sounds Vol.3" as the so-called General Prupose CD was finally converted into the AKAI S1000 format including the adaption of the sound programming and was the last CDROM -Wall of Sounds Vol.8, produced by Syntec in 1997. 

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